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easySR is an easy to use and comprehensive cloud-based solution for Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Based on the sustainable reporting standard

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Why You Should Do Sustainability Reporting?

In this modern age, companies are not only faced with the responsibility in creating profits but also with the responsibility for global sustainability. Companies need to contribute to sustainability as well as to show their sustainability performance in a concrete and credible way. The sustainability report is a powerful tool to answer both of these issues.

What is easySR

How easySR Streamlines Sustainability Reporting




Define your Materiality and Select Your Standard


Materiality Topics will be chosen automatically according to the industry you are in. Option to add more topics is available to fine-tune it according to your needs

Collect your Data


Send custom made surveys to collect your data. Other data collecting tools are available for painless and traceable data collection

Write your Report

Assign PIC for each segment of the report to be made. Everyone can lend a hand to create a synergy within the organisation

How easySR helps your Sustainability Reporting

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Increase Confidence

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Simplify the Data Collection

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Build Investor and Public Sentiment

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Easy to Collaborate

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Identify Hidden Potentials

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Maintain Regular Reporting

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Validate the Information Gathered

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Reporting Done Anytime & Anywhere

Country Specific Solution

We provide country specific solutions according to your needs. 

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While corporate accountability and performance improvement initially drove to the reporting movement, years of practise have revealed a purpose is even deeper and more transformational. That purpose is the redefinition of corporate value and value creation.

– Allen White, co-founder and former CEO of GRI, founder and co-chair of Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings

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